How to bid

How to participate in the auction

To participate in the auction, the following steps must be taken:

  1. register on our website - when creating an account, you must complete the registration in the e-mail sent
  2. once you complete the registration, you can log into your account
  3. you can place limits and bid after the operator manually approves your account. This step requires you to verify your identity, which can be done by:
    • by entering your ID card number in the My Account section
    • by sending the ID card number (or scan/photo) to
    • by verifying your identity in our store
    • by appointment on +420 723 344 415
  4. you can also bid using your phone for free (only for items over 5,000 CZK) or use the services of an external agent RNDr. Miloš Hauptman - tel. +420 602 366 437 (paid service).


How the auction works

The auction is organized in two phases:

  1. phase - collection of limits
    • the first phase of the auction usually lasts several weeks and allows to set a limit for each item - i.e. the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the item
    • the entered limit is not visible to other users
    • if multiple limits are entered for an item, the current price is determined as the second highest limit + minimum bid
    • if multiple users have placed the same limit on an item, the first placed limit wins
    • if another user has entered a higher limit than your limit, you will be automatically notified by email
    • collection of limits is ended automatically at a predetermined time, which is indicated on the auction page
    • the user with the highest inserted limit does not automatically win the auctioned item; instead, the second phase of the auction follows
  2. phase - online auction
    • after collecting the limits, the second phase - the online auction itself - follows on the same day
    • you can log in to the auction console on at this time, where items are auctioned in real time
    • as part of the online auction, one item is auctioned at a time, as soon as the sale of this item ends, other items follow according to the order of items in the auction catalog
    • if there was any limit set on the auctioned item in the first phase, the system automatically bids against users up to this limit
    • you can bid on the item within seconds. If there is a bid from one of the users, the countdown to the end of the auction of the item starts anew


Technical requirements for auctioning using the online console

The correct operation of the auction console is guaranteed in Google Chrome (version 16 and later), Firefox (v11+), Safari (v7+), Opera (v12.1+), Edge (v18+) and Internet Explorer (version 11) browsers.


How the online auction using the console works

As soon as the collection of limits ends, a green LIVE AUCTION button appears on the auction page to enter the auction console. After logging into your account, you can gradually bid on items from the catalog.

Auction console controls:

  1. Name and date of the auction
  2. Catalog item serial number
  3. Starting price
  4. Current price
    • the person icon indicates that the highest current price was entered by the user in the online auction
    • the envelope icon indicates that the highest current price is inserted automatically from the limit
  5. Seconds until the end of item auction. If the current price increases during this time, the countdown to the end of the item auction restarts.
  6. Press this button to place a bid in the auction at the price indicated on the button
    • if the button is green with the text Winning, you have entered the highest bid so far.
  7. Item description and quality
  8. Item photo
  9. Listing of the following 3 items to be auctioned
  10. Listing of the 3 most recently auctioned items
  11. List of items you have already auctioned